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We hold expertise in offering minimum maintenance / support & generating business value, so that we remain client’s partner of choice for custom Web applications development and Android Apps.
We ensure successful implementation of client’s business strategies and enhancement of their operational excellence with LARAVEL Framework.
Design helps us understand our world, and trends place us in time. Stay up-to-date on the latest logo, website, software, IoT and other graphic design trends. We are gazing into the future at popular graphic design trends.
We love to code and are ready to architect, construct and implement your programming project. We can be your full development team or integrate seamlessly into your existing team structure to deliver quality results.

Our Latest Project


    MAGBUILDING is a Robust System for any Real Estate Company to keep their analytical data that can structure system flow, manage data, minimize loss of information and generate more accurate reports with less hassle and user-friendly system to all.

    The main objective of MAGBUILDING is to bring entire departments under one network and one central database with Management Information System. We are providing the best Real Estate ERP Management System here in Bangladesh which has some core and basic modules like a standard System.

  • Difficulty in Maintenance of records

    It is very Difficult to maintain data record in the system as all records are entered in the register the record books. It is very time consuming and difficult to write each and every entry and exit of customers into the hotel in the register. Also it takes a lot of time if all the entries are to be repeated say to keep in another record for this safe keeping .

  • Highest Quality

    Hotel management has to identify which improvements in the hotel operations can bring additional value to their guests. One of the most reliable information sources for gaining customer knowledge is undoubtedly the feedback provided directly from customers. If analyzed properly, it can be exploited for the purpose of improving the hotel operations and raising profits

  • Unified financial control

    When accepting recurring payments you need a billing system that is able to simplify and automate all the complex tasks involved in the process. Chargebee provides a suite of billing features built for smooth operations. You can manage invoices and collect payments in the same platform.

    It has a modern and easy-to-navigate interface for natural collaboration and automates task prioritization. You can set invoice due dates, track billing and charge late payments, and collect finances, making sure all taxation issues are taken into account

  • Accounting Integrations

    Keep clean records with reconciliation by integrating with your favorite accounting software. It processes data automatically, generates expense reports and balance sheets, and summarizes taxes. You can log expenses with a single click, track those daily, and use them for reimbursement deals

  • User Friendly

    They wanted easy-to-use, fully customizable and hosted solution with user friendly UI. Client insisted on automating as many features as possible in the system like Delivery Order, Loading Register, Consignment, invoice generation, Ledger and Stock management, Vehicle status tracking, payroll, timesheet management and reporting.

  • Optimize your code

    Client is providing service in shipping Industry. Client wanted to develop a web application which can help automation of their transportation work with integration of transportation, finance, inventory and employee management process across all of their branches located in different states and countries.

  • Problem Management

    Classify, analyze, and take problems to closure. Analyze the root cause and reduce repeat incidents.

  • Collaboration

    Collaborate across teams within your organization and resolve support tickets more quickly.

  • Student Management System

    We Offer Online Examination, Library, Video Conferencing, Virtual Classroom, Student enrollment, Online Payments, Payment through Coupons, Teacher student communication through Skype or other communication System. It includes processing, analyzing, and reporting of educational information including teacher, students, staff payroll and library management etc.

  • Content Management System

    This web Application is content management system. It has 100% control over all the content. It has creative aspects of your website. By using our content management system you can be able to create, edit, delete, and organize your web pages.

  • Virtual Class Room

    We Also offers virtual classroom services which works on low bandwidth. It includes all the participants and creates an environment similar to classroom it also provides paper – pencil or blackboard like screens. It has features like record, play, stop, fast forward, backward etc. It keeps the log of each session.

What we can do

  • Full Support

    In the software development industry since middle of the year 2019, our team have in-depth knowledge in web application development.

  • Group Tasks

    We can develop custom websites, web applications & software on a wide range of technology platforms.

  • Responsive UI

    We ensure successful implementation of client’s business strategies and enhancement of their operational excellence.

  • Easy Management

    Understanding the unique business challenges of every client, our Web Application Development team has a thorough understanding of client’s objectives and works with them in close collaboration to come up with most appropriate.

  • Quick Reports

    We understand the requirements of custom website application development tasks and use leading-edge technologies so that need-based Web applications & technology solutions may have longer shelf-life and evolve withclient’s business.

  • Great Support

    We hold expertise in offering minimum maintenance / support & generating business value, so that we remain client’s partner of choice for custom Web applications development, helping them make smart business moves.

Our Project

Android Apps

The healthcare problems are growing rapidly day by day and people have to spend lot of money for their daily checkup, because they do not have an easy and free access to their checkup. Android-based application aims for an easy access and use for providing almost free of cost facility to users. Therefore, the development of healthcare android-based application is essentially required. The primary goal of this study is the development of android-based healthcare application which can assist people to check their health-related issues on daily basis, which can improve their health. The application was developed in android operating system environment. A Google product, namely App Inventor tool, which is a Visual block programming language, is used to develop the system. The results reveal that the system provides an easy and user-friendly interface for end-users.

Web Development

Whether you are looking to redesign an existing website or starting a new web project, we can help you implement your ideas and tell your story. We can create content for your site and give you the strategy to manage it. We'll help you to achieve, your business' potential on the web.

We will work hard to get to know you, your business and your challenges and opportunities. We will give you the training and tools to manage your site, or we can free up your time and resources and manage it for you.

Web Design

A web application is a software application that the user interacts with via a browser. Web applications are growing in popularity because they can be updated and maintained without having to distribute or install software on computers and because of their cross-platform compatibility.
At Online Innovations, we look past the development of stand-alone software applications. We specialise in taking and making your business processes online.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) industry is the next wave of internet technologies. IoT will fundamentally change how business and manufacturing will be done worldwide. It’s continues to spread across the home and the enterprise, it’s changing how we live and work every day.
IoT is evolutionary. It emerges out of a history of using networked automation systems in industries such as manufacturing and transportation. The idea of monitoring and optimizing use of physical assets extends to all industries.
Healthcare is one of the industries that will see the fastest spending growth in IoT in the years to come.

Offline Software

We can’t always work in an internet connection environment. Like presentation creating and giving, sometimes you have to go through all of these offline. Many presentation designers are so familiar with online presentation tools, but when it comes to the offline one to create a stunning work, they have to spend so much time on web searching. If you are the one who wants to find a kind of useful presentation creator software to make a high-quality presentation offline, here will be a right place for you. Look no further, top 5 offline presentation creator software offered here would be a great solution to your problems.

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